How this Journey started

When I was a 4-year-old child I visited Sewri, Mahul Creek (Chembur) and we saw a large flock of migratory Flamingoes. When I asked my mom about their migration, she explained every year these lovely birds will fly in during this period and then they go back.

Then my question to my mother was, “Why cannot we migrate every year to other places and come back?” She replied, “We cannot!” But it never stopped with that answer. Since then, the concept of migration started seeding in me. Exploration became a part of my life.

I realized being a bird they can create such wonders then we as humans can create miracles when we understand our real potential.

When I started exploring, I experienced, I am genuinely happy, fulfilled, energetic, started looking at the world from a fresh new perspective. Meeting new people helped me to become more human, exploring diversified Global culture, food, geography introduced me to REAL ME. That’s how REAL was born.

After working 18 long years in Design Industry, I then thought to use that creativity to design my life differently and uniquely. I gave up on my flourishing career as a Designer and started Traveling. Extensive traveling showed me Unique Me, made me aware of my Super Strengths. Indulging exploring, I then found my IKIGAI.

Expeddtition was born. Expeddition is for every Explorer to know R.E.A.L. you. Expeddition is all about

Xplore | Xperience | Xpress

At Expeddition we believe Exploration can bring magic to US! Do you know it all started with The Exploration, generally it is believed that Hominids first evolved in Africa and then they migrated to other areas. Yes, you there – Exploration through Travel was the first step of the Evolution! !!!

Vasco da Gama was the first-ever Portuguese Explorer who started his Journey from Europe to India by Sea.

We believe every Evolution starts with Exploration. Expeddition is not only about travel and destination but it is all about how we live the journey to evolve ourselves to the next level. It is about connecting you to yourself and to others also. When you connect with us, will connect you with Self, Others, destinations, culture, food, business and all other aspects of life, which will bring true experiences.